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Take a trip with Oi Polloi Sportswear



1: Enter overly-heated shopping centres at your peril.

2: Tread lightly on iced-over lakes/rivers/ponds/puddles: there’s a 99% chance you’ll stink like a stone.

3: All that extra padding doesn’t make you impervious to speeding cars. Trust us on this one.

4: Never wear two down jackets at the same time.

5: Manoeuvrability in these things is pretty much nonexistent. Why do you think professional ice skaters don’t wear ’em?

  1. Nanga
    Mountain Belay Parka
    Sand Beige
    Size XL
  2. Gramicci
    Fleece Crew Neck Sweatshirt
    Size XL
  3. Nanamica
    Coolmax St. Jersey Long Sleeve Tee
    Brown Camel
    Size XL
  4. Albam
    Cotton Ripstop Drawstring Trouser
    Size XL
  5. Mephisto
    Rainbow Velours
    Dark Grey
    UK 11
  6. Andersen-Andersen
    Beanie Short
    Natural Taupe
    One Size
  7. Mystery Ranch
    Ranch Bindle
    One Size
  8. Anonymous ism
    Go Hemp Low Gauge Pile Crew Socks
    Size L