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Just Put It On Shuffle Please Sir

STOP PRESS Issue no.4 of Manzine is here. If you haven’t had the pleasure – let us introduce you… Manzine – a new men’s magazine that’s funny and irreverent yet intelligent. Manzine manages to incorporate an esoteric selection of subjects such as: scotch eggs, nuclear bunkers, fatherhood, driving etiquette and Quincy Jones… Oh and Oi Polloi. That’s right Uncle Oi Polloi gets a full DPS (that’s double-page-spread fact fans) to himself, featuring some of this winter’s best garments, all illustrated by Ben Lamb. On the subject of publications – if your looking at restocking the library properly, we’ve had more copies of Sideburn #4 and Men’s File #3 delivered.

Anyway, back to the clobber waffle…

We’ll start the cycle with the Engineered Garments Bike Jacket though, a bit of a bonus item that has arrived separate to our original batch. Like Del Griffith in 1987 film Planes, Trains and Automobiles, this is an unexpected Thanksgiving visitor. Ok so we don’t celebrate that particular holiday this side of the pond, but what are we supposed to say? Happy fourth Thursday in November? Well then.