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Bad Passion Project – a collective of musicians, DJs and promoters, offering up an eclectic mix of music, at oddball venues across London. In the past they’ve played host to dj’s like Phoreski, Steve Kotey, A Mountain Of One, KZA (Force of Nature), Eric Duncan (Rub-n-Tug), Idjut Boys, Mudd, Soft Rocks and Kenji Takemi to name just a few… It’s also worth us mentioning one third of the Bad Passion Project, Chris, is also partly responsible for one of OiPolloi’s favourite, contemporary brands – Folk.

They’ve been good enough to select a few sides for us, grouped together under the title ‘Just The Odd One’. if you like what you hear – then maybe take a mooch down to their next party, a Golf Channel showcase featuring Phil South and Anton Esteban. More details on that can be found on Facebook

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Louis Chedid – La Belle
City II – Aus Der Ferne
Ennio Morecone – Cui Mai
Far East Family Band – Nagare
JJ Cale – Dont Go To Starngers
The Rolling Stones – If I Was A Dancer
Cosmic Sound Orchestra – Listen To The Beat
Boling Point – Let’s Get Funkified
Traesko – Cubacumba
The Monstars – Kamassa Beef
ZZ Top – Coco Blue
Kalayan – Sweet Music
A Mountain Of One – Hail Pleasure
Santa Ezmerelda – Gloria
Tony Monn Concept – Who Built the Pyramids
Bautista – Gone