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Street Drinking Guide

  • Always wear a big coat. Sitting on park benches for hours on end can get mighty chilly.
  • In fact, might be worth doubling up with a toasty fleece. Passing out on park benches can be even colder.
  • Avoid striking up a conversation with that guy across the road who’s been playing early 2000s RnB out of an iPhone 4 for half an hour.
  • Variation is the spice of life. Treat yourself to some fancy German pilsners alongside your 17 Polish lagers.
  • Stock up on those Snyder’s Jalapeño Pretzel bite things. You’re going to need some flavourful sustenance.
  • Always try to remember to pick up your litter.
  • Avoid children’s playgrounds for obvious reason, especially if your session starts in the morning/afternoon.
  • Don’t wear white trousers unless you’re a seasoned street drinking professional.
  • Fondly remember how good supping a pint indoors was.
  • Sack it off after 45 minutes and just go home because all of your friends are sensible and are staying inside.
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