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Take a trip with Oi Polloi Sportswear

No. 427

Palefaced Farmah:

Imagine, if you will, an alternative universe where hip-hop wasn’t birthed on dirty-and-dangerous streets of New York but the leaf-strewn towpaths of Cumbria and Northumberland.

The love for dope outdoor garb remained, but instead of spitting bars about blasting some unlucky sod’s cranial matter onto the concrete with a Glock-19, we were treated to lyrics about rescuing hedgehogs from barbed wire fences, writing-off Lada Estates, fleeing vicious sheepdogs and losing your head after one-too-many black and tans.

Agreed, that sounds completely naff.

The Countryfile MC is 5ft 10” and wears…

Berghaus Ice Cap 78 Jacket – L

Adsum Expedition Fleece – M

Gramicci x F/CE Pants – M

Hoka Boots – 8.5

Elmer Gloves – OS

Howlin’ Beanie – OS

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