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No. 429

Postman Patrice:

Postmen have it pretty sweet, don’t they?

Alright, unscrupulous bosses, ungodly workload, near-constant blisterage and the occasional canine scrap aren’t things to be taken lightly, but if we ignore all of that, delivering post is pretty much the ideal gig.

Locked-in exercise regimen… complete visual access to all the front rooms a nosey so-and-so can handle… and perhaps most importantly, carte blanche to juxtapose big jackets and shorts all throughout winter.

For that privilege alone, we’d happily pay the price of a few bite marks.

In all seriousness, this one goes out to all the postfolk out there!

Postman Patrice is 6ft 1” and wears…

Norse Projects Twill Sports Cap – OS

Snow Peak Recycled Light Down Jacket – L

Adsum Logo Hoodie – L

Oi Polloi Pocket T-Shirt – XL

Sunflower Mike Shorts – L

RoToTo Coarse Ribbed Old School Crew Socks – L

Vans Style 73 – 9