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Pictures of People Wearing… Berghaus

Berghaus is a true homegrown heavy-hitter that we really don’t praise enough. Founded by intrepid mountaineers Peter Lockey and Gordon Davison in 1966, Berghaus helped bring the technical know-how of the States and Europe to Blighty, pioneering plenty of useful stuff we now take for granted – not only did they spearhead the use of Thinsulate insulation in England, they were the first in Europe to commercially release the bona-fide future fabric Gore-Tex.

And at a time when most outdoor outfitters were only producing wares in various shades of bird-kak brown and green, Berghaus’ fondness for bright colours was a real breath of fresh air.

Some of their decidedly-passé designs might look a tad antiqued compared to Berghaus’ trend-chasing contemporaries (well… the stuff we stock, at least), but that’s a big part of the Berghaus appeal, especially when a fair chunk of outdoor garb clogging up the rails these days looks like it’s just waltzed off the set of THX 1138.

Anyway, all this gushing praise isn’t for nowt – we’ve got something in the pipeline pertaining to Berghaus that we’ll be releasing into the wild quite soon. To whet your whistles, here’s some snaps hoiked from the world-wide-web (a fair few of which have come from the stellar Outdoor Inov8 site) of people wearing Berghaus…