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The Mephisto Oi Polloi Rainbow Part Trois

We’ve once again joined forces with French footwear forefathers Mephisto to make another highly-covetable version of the hallowed Rainbow.

In our past mind-melds we opted for suede, but this time around we’ve mixed things up and deployed a sturdy slab of leather, making ‘em prime for mulchy wintertime rambles, and have swapped out the traditional laces for things that resemble climbing rope.

No reason for this, we just though they looked nice.

These’ll hit terra firma on Thursday the 29th of October at 08:00 (BST). In the meantime, enjoy some high-class shutter action of a bloke lurking around some of the finest train stations the always-reliable and fairly-priced British railway system has to offer.

Remember the date – Thursday the 29th of September at 08:00am (BST).