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Through the Magpie Eye: Obscure Horror Film Posters

Creeps, freaks, gore-hounds and horror-heads rejoice – we’ve officially entered Shocktober. To get you in the macabre mindset, we’ve taken the proverbial meat cleaver to the internet’s supple flesh and carved out some visually-stimulating promotional material for some of cinema’s most disreputable and obscure horror films.

Also, while you’re perusing these retina-blasting and brain-branding posters, just take a moment to lament the fact that in the modern age, audacious, gleefully-low-brow horror cinema has been shunned in favour of dreary, ‘elevated horror’ dreck championed by snooty film critics. Fingers crossed this is just a phase, and we’ll soon be seeing titles like Gore Whore and Nekromantik on the multiplex’s marquee once more.