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The New adidas Spezial Stuff

Rejoice all ye faithful – it’s Spezial season. 

Gary Aspden and friends have once again taken their rightful place behind the proverbial lecture hall lectern, primed to take us on another wearable trip into the annals of three-striped history. 

What will they cover in this semester? Well, on the clobber front there’s a zestily-hued mountain parka, a tortoise-throated sweat that looks like the kind of thing you’d pick up from Hurley’s way back when, and a classy, long-sleeved polo named after Spezial right-hand-man Mike Chetcuti. 

And on the footwear side of things, you’ll find chunky brown leisure shoes, the Hochelaga – a gum-soled beaut that’s based on the Montreal (‘Hochelaga’ was a St. Lawrence Iroquois settlement where the great city of Montreal now stands, in case you were wondering) – and a denim iteration of the majestic Italia. 

It all goes online at 08:00am (GMT) on Friday the 10th of February, and there’ll be some in our Manchester outpost too, which opens at 10:00am. Until then, enjoy these photos…

08:00am (GMT). Friday the 10th of February. Be there or be square.