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Oi Polloi Knitwear

Our crack team of shearers and knitters have been working around the clock to bring the third collection of Oi Polloi Knitwear to the masses.

Alongside the chunky Aran knits of the previous two entries in the high-octane OP knitwear saga, we’ve chonged a few jazz cigarettes and thrown some Ivy League hepcat flavour of the raglan-sleeved, brushed Shetland knit into the woolly mix.

The best part? You don’t have to faff about with arbitrary release dates to snag this stuff – it’s all available to buy right this very moment.

But before you dash straight to the checkout… why not cast your eyes over this ponderous and eye-catching motion picture we made? Our idea with this was Office Space directed by Wes Anderson, and while the critics at Cashiers have yet to comment, we think it’s a damn decent flick indeed.